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A bit of a change of subject here, and I've said this before, but this is actually a weakness of other areas of tech and even other sci-fi franchises as well.

Star Citizen: A Bit of A Change of Subject

A bit of a change of subject here, and I've said this before, but this is actually a weakness of other areas of tech and even other sci-fi franchises as well. Think about how both Halo and SC have an abundance of gas combustion weapons for the human side whereas railguns (and lasers in Halo) are underrepresented. I'm not an engineer, but I'd think 300 years from now, railguns will likely be the new standard because they do not require suppressors (a.k.a. silencers,) can easily go subsonic by the flip of a switch, produce less recoil for a given velocity, no muzzle flash at low velocities, and less moving parts for more reliability with the exception of EMP vulnerability. Gas combustion would therefore be present for EMP immunity, but still outnumbered by railguns as far as ballistic weapons go.


Star Citizen: A Bit of A Change of Subject


If we really want to go blue sky here, consider how it sucks to even need line of sight to your target when shooting at it. Why can't we have a weapon that creates a quantum generated explosion at any coordinates you choose? Kind of like artillery, except that it could go through any obstacle, such as building walls. It would need balancing such as being difficult and slow to aim (finding and entering coordinates) slow to destroy the target, or easy to detect, but it would finally be another non-projectile weapon other than a melee weapon or E-war attack.


The key here would be balance; this is the case with robots too. A quantum artillery weapon would basically be a wall hack weapon without being made challenging to use. In the same manner, robots in SC could do clean up, but you would need robot technicians to maintain the robots. You would still need to pay a human janitor, so it really comes down to which method you prefer, and the player should be given choice. As long as we incorporate balance by requiring human technicians to manage and repair robots (since AI would be needed for robots managing and repairing robots, and that is outlawed in lore, and makes robots too easy, convenient, and OP) as well as the additional complexity that robot systems would bring, it would provide incentive to just hire a human janitor for simplicity. This choice provides both an additional game mechanic, and more variety in the 'verse.


I would think that the best way to improve the sci-fi realism would be to imagine what present day problems would be solved by better tech, and then research what tech is upcoming that would solve that problem, or even come up with your own solution. This is basically doing actual product design for the SC universe, and thinking about what actual future tech would be like.

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