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Hmm not sure if you're missing the point or I wasn't clear enough. Part of the advantage of private servers is a non-reliance on external services.

Star Citizen: What Do You Feel About the Private Servers

Hmm not sure if you're missing the point or I wasn't clear enough. Part of the advantage of private servers is a non-reliance on external services. Albeit this could greatly limit the scale of the private servers, it would provide the ability to do private LAN non-internet servers which is always something I prefer to be an option (even if not the only option).


From what I have seen/read of Lumberyard, that isn't really possible. Now that could sort of mean a boon for private servers in that the private servers may not need to be as limited as they would otherwise be. If they too leverage the cloud compute then technically there would be nothing stopping them from giving us what is essentially a replication of the persistent universe. At least... in theory.


Star Citizen: What Do You Feel About the Private Servers


However that too carries complications as that level of cloud compute power (even if mostly idle) is not cheap. It isn't expensive, but it certainly isn't free either.


So at this point the questions I'd have are.


1. Are private servers still planned?


2. If still planned will they be tied to AWS through Lumberyard, or would that be optional/available or not at all.


3. If private servers could be leveraged through (if above answers are positive) AWS will we get a more robust and feature complete private server platform akin to a mini-PU or even fully-functional private PU?


Back to the reply aspect. My main point is that a private server 'leveraging' cloud compute services is no longer really a 'private server' in the form that most people would think of.


Basically the key fact of private servers is that they need to be able be separated from external services. E.g completely self-sustained/contained and self-hosted. That's what "private server" means to me. Now I know that definition can vary quite widely depending on who you ask, some might call a private 'instance' hosted by the developing company of a product to be just as much a private server as something self-hosted. I would not.


There is a long-standing underlying reason for my definition too. Primarily self-sustainability in the face of a potential shutdown of a game system. One of the things that made games of old so great is that even when the company hosting them moved on, through private servers/modding and player upkeep they still go semi-strong. There was a game that I was a big part of back in the 95-97 called SubSpace (Now known as Continuum) that the company literally went under roughly 6 months after it hit release after having been in alpha/beta for a couple years. This game is STILL running and completely player-run. That is what I want for Star Citizen. That is impossible if you tie up the private servers to external services that cannot be self-hosted. Yes the cloud-compute/AWS could greatly improve what private servers are capable of, but at the very least that should be optional and not forced. Especially given that you cannot use cloud compute power for free. Some people might just wanna host a private little PU with a few friends. If that is technically feasible without leveraging cloud then it should be done. As it is/was one of CIG's core promises.

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